16th January – 20th January 2022


Please complete the entry form on a desktop or laptop computer, sorry for the inconvenience.

Welcome to the On-Line Registration System for IDW 2022. Please work your way through each of the below 7 sections and complete all details as required. Please call the Event Coordinator on 0484 250 512 if you are having problems.

Please note that the closing date for online entries is FRIDAY DECEMBER 17th @ 6pm. Please note that payment for entries is via credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) or by electronic funds transfer to IDW. You will receive an email confirming your entry and payment option chosen.

Before you start please download and print the Exhibitor Pack which will assist you with times, dates and class information etc.

Please note there are 38 pages in this document, you may not need to print them all. Download the 2022 Exhibitor Pack.
** Classes for All-Breeds Youth Show Updated as of 23/11/2021**

At the end of the below process if you have not completed all required sections a reminder will pop up on the screen which means your information has not been submitted. All details must be completed for entries to go through successfully. You are now ready to commence entering IDW 2022.

If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or lower please download and install Internet explorer Version 9 – Download Here.

You are now ready to commence entering IDW 2022.

1. Exhibitor’s Personal Information

Number of Cattle you will bring to the Show?

2. Herd Health Declaration – Owner/Exhibitor

Unrestricted entry, with all exhibitors required to complete the National Cattle Health Declaration – Click Here and submit after entries.
Email document separately to info@internationaldairyweek.com.au.

Johne’s Disease Status

Please also indicate your J-DAS (Johne’s Dairy Assurance Score by) selecting the score in the dropdown box

3. Public Liability Insurance

Insurance Company name in full:
Policy Number:
Period of insurance:
Limit of Public Liability:

4. Entry Information

If you are entering the same animal in more than one show (ie youth and breed) please complete one line only BUT click on the different show boxes to enter in more than one show. If you enter separate entries for the same animal but in a different show you will be charged two lots of bedding fees.
So, for eg: if you wish to enter a heifer in both the Jersey and Youth Show please type the details in the boxes and at the end of the information click on both the Jersey Show and Youth Show.
To enter the Youth show only, please enter Youth class number and complete the rest of the boxes.

Animal’s exhibited by?

Class No. Youth Class No. Name of Entry Tattoo No HB No DOB Sire Dam Handlers Name Handler DOB

5. Clipping Frame Space

Exhibitors may purchase ONE 3 metre x 3 metre space to store a clipping frame or other equipment. Spaces will be physically located with your entries. A clipping frame space is $110.00 including GST and payment is due with entries. Please note that, due to space restrictions at Tatura Park, you can only purchase one space. Some requests may not be possible and money will be refunded if IDW cannot provide.

Please select if you would like a frame space:

6. Prize Money Payment Details

Please tick ONE and complete for payment of prize money.

I declare that the goods and services supplied to international dairy week are done as a private recreational pursuit or hobby, or are domestic in nature. I understand that the prize money will be made payable to the name/s listed on this entry form.
GST is payable on prizes if an Exhibitor is registered for GST and enters an Exhibit as part of a business enterprise. In such circumstances, prize money will ONLY be made payable to the Registered name of the GST registered business, person or entity.

EFT Payment Details

Prize money to be paid electronically to the following account:

Name of Account:
Account No:

7. Payment for Entry or Entries

Entries for IDW are not accepted until payment is made. Please select one of the options below to pay for your entries. All fees are inclusive of GST. Our on-line banking merchant is the National Australia Bank.

How would you like to pay?

Credit Card EFT

Credit Card Details

Card Type:
Name on Card:
Card No:

(last 3 digits on back of card)
Expiry Date:
Month: Year:

EFT Information

International Dairy Week BSB: 083 894 Account: 18 216 3731

Entry Fee: $

Bedding Fee: $

Catalogue Fee: $

Clipping Fee: $

Milking Fee: $

Total Payment: $

8. Conditions of Entry

I/we as the owner of cattle entered and exhibited at IDW agree to the following:


Name of the Organising (Show or Breed) Society (the Society): INTERNATIONAL DAIRY WEEK PTY LTD Dates/Duration of Event: 16th to 20th January 2022 The Society advises that the participation, including passive participation, in events or activities at an agricultural show contains elements of risk, both obvious and inherent. The risks involved may result in property damage and/or personal injury, including death. By exhibiting in the Show:
1. I, the signatory, acknowledge, agree, and understand that participation, including passive participation, in events and activities at this, or at any show contains an element of risk of injury and I agree that I undertake any such risk voluntarily of my own free will and at my own risk.
2. I, the signatory, acknowledge, agree, and understand that the risk warning at the top of this form constitutes a ‘risk warning’ for the purposes of Division 5 of the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW).
3. I, the signatory, acknowledge the risk referred to above and agree to waive any and all rights that I, or any other person claiming through me, may have against the Society in relation to any loss or injury (including death) that is suffered by me as a result of the undersigned’s participation in any event held by the show.
4. The signatory must continually indemnify the Society, together with any other organisation or person involved in the conduct of the Show, on a full indemnity basis against any claim or proceeding that is made, threatened or commenced and any liability, loss (including consequential loss and loss of profits), damages or expense (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) that the Society incurs or suffers, as a direct or indirect result of the participant’s participation in any event held by the Society. This release continues forever and binds all of my heirs, successors, executors, personal representatives and assigns.
5. I acknowledge that it is a condition of exhibiting in the Show that the Society and any person or body directly or indirectly associated with the Show are absolved from all liability arising for injury or damage to myself or my property, howsoever caused, arising out of my exhibiting in the Show.
6. I acknowledge that the Society relies on the information provided by me and state that all such information is accurate and complete.
7. I acknowledge that I must produce evidence to the Society that I have a current policy of public liability insurance.
8. the undersigned on his or her own behalf and the exhibitor and the principals and agents of the exhibitor acknowledge and agree that they and each of them:
i. are bound by, and will act at all times in accordance with the rules and regulations for the preparation and presentation of registered dairy livestock and the unethical practice in the showing, exhibition and promotion of registered dairy livestock and will accept any final decision made thereunder;
ii. accepts that any action which may be taken under the above may be reported to any association registering purebred livestock; and
iii. release and agree to hold the show, exhibition or sale and its officials, directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents and volunteers (collectively “the organisers”) harmless from any action taken under this agreement, the rules and regulations for the preparation and presentation of registered dairy livestock and the unethical practice in the showing, exhibition and promotion of registered dairy livestock, or any other show, exhibition or sale rules and regulations, and release the organisers from and against any injury, damage or loss suffered during or in connection with the show, exhibition or sale, whether or not such injury, damage or loss resulted from or was contributed to directly or indirectly, by the acts or omissions of the organisers.
I have read this Entry, Risk Warning, Waiver, Release and Acknowledgement form and acknowledge and agree with its contents.
I have made any further enquiries which I feel are necessary or desirable and fully understand the risks involved in this activity. I fully understand its terms and understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it. I have signed the documents freely and voluntarily without any inducement made to me and intend my signature to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by the law.

IDW Exhibitor Information and Rules and Regulations

I have read the information provided for Exhibitors and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of IDW.


On the day of the event will you be under the age of 18?

If you are under the age of 18 years on the Event Day, your parent or guardian must sign this declaration. I certify that I am the parent/guardian of the entrant who will be under the age of 18 years of age on the day of the Event and that he/she has trained for and has my consent to participate in the Event. I testify that I have read the above and acknowledge acceptance of the stated conditions on behalf of the minor specified above.
In consideration of the facilities provided to us, I myself, my executors, administrators and assigns and for the child/children/under age person/s (if applicable) absolutely release and discharge the Show Society and any person directly or indirectly associated with the Event from all claims, demands and proceedings arising out of, or connected with, participation in the Event that I or the child/children/under age person/s may suffer or sustain. Parent/guardian name:

Yes – I do you agree to the Declaration of the minors conditions:

Entry Fees

All fees are GST inclusive and non-refundable.

Entry Fee $50.00 including GST per entry entered (i.e. if animal is entered twice fee = $50.00 x 2 + $50.00)
Bedding $55.00 including GST per animal entered
Clipping Frame $110.00 including GST per space
Catalogue $10.00 including GST
Late Entries Accepted @ $140.00 including GST per entry entered (includes entry & bedding)

Arrival and Departure of Exhibits

Unless by prior arrangement, access to Tatura Park for arrival will be from Thursday 13th January 2022 and all exhibits must be off the grounds by 3.00 pm on Friday 21st January 2022.

Random Testing

Random testing of exhibited cattle will be conducted on every first and second milk place getter and any other cattle at the judges or stewards discretion.

Provision of Name/Address for Official Sponsors & Media Consent

Media coverage is both beneficial to the success of International Dairy Week and your own stud business. Media coverage may include newspapers, television, radio, trade publications or journals and social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Your details may be given to authorised media personnel and sponsors of IDW. Livestreaming of all IDW Shows will take place and exhibitors and cattle will be randomly filmed when in the show ring. Official photographers will be taking photos during IDW to post on IDW’s Social Media, and for use in advertising and promotional activities.

NLIS Scanning

All animals brought onto the showgrounds must be scanned by the NLIS representatives.

Code of Ethics

I/We agree to act in accordance with the IDW Code of Ethics at all times.

Do you agree to the Conditions of Entry laid out above?



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