20th January – 24th January 2019

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 Ayrshire  Brown Swiss  Guernsey
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 Viewing cattle shows  Seeking new products
 Meeting place for dairy industry personnel  Vacation

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 Genetics, breeding, animal nutrition and health solutions
 Solar technology and solutions, air conditioning & heating
 Feeding, milking & dairy machinery, matting & flooring
 Live export opportunities  Dairy technology equipment
 Tractors, airseeders and planters  Agronomy and farming advice
 Preg-testing equipment  Calf rearing equipment
 Hay, silage and fodder equipment  Irrigation equipment
 Tanks, cartage and storage  Artificial breeding systems
 Water storage and treatment systems  Banking & finance solutions
 Pastures, seeds & additives  Farm supplies & merchandise
 Free stall barn equipment

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