14th to 19th of January, 2023


IDW is proud to provide a platform to showcase the Australian dairy industry through the following events that are held over the third week of January each year:

  • 6 National dairy shows with over 800 animals and 200 exhibitors competing in the Guernsey, Ayrshire, Illawarra, Brown Swiss, Jersey and Holstein breed shows;
  • The ABS Australia/Ridley All Breeds National Youth Show;
  • A three day commercial dairy farm and machinery field days with over 80 companies on display;
  • Sales of first class dairy progeny;
  • A seminar series providing the opportunity for education and networking at 12 different seminars;
  • Virtual farm tours;
  • Progeny tours – both on site and to local farms.

Please view our 3 minute video inviting you to IDW, also please click on each of the menu buttons to read more.

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