14th to 19th of January, 2023

Youth Events

The youth of the dairy industry are vital to its ongoing growth and success.

IDW are committed to providing opportunities for young people to learn, to be challenged and to participate in events aimed at fostering this development.

There are a number of events during International Dairy Week that are aimed at developing the youth of the dairy industry.

IDW Youth Clinic – Sunday from 1.30 pm

The IDW Youth Clinic is designed to help young people learn more about showing dairy cattle.  The Youth Clinic is an opportunity for young people to come together to meet experienced cattle showers and participate in a fun, interesting and relaxed format that may include, but not limited to:

  • Show Ring Etiquette
  • Preparing an animal for showing
  • Clipping
  • Supplies for a Show
  • Showmanship
  • Washing
  • Feeding at a Show
  • Herdsmanship

There is no charge and the clinic runs for approximately one hour with free information hand-outs and give-aways.  By attending the Youth Clinic you have the opportunity to learn from, listen to and ask questions from some of the most experienced people in the dairy industry worldwide.  Although the Youth Clinic is geared towards 8 to 15 year olds, youth of any age are invited to participate.

The ABS Australia/Ridley All Breeds National Youth Show – Monday

Interested young people, between the ages of 8 and 21 years on day of show should consider entering the National Show Show.  There are 16 classes for Junior and Senior Handlers depending upon age.  Reknown and respected Industry Breeders will be chosen to judge on the day and pass on their knowledge and expertise to up and coming showers.

IDW gratefully acknowledge the work that both ABS Australia and Ridley do in supporting the high standards of this event.

The IDW Sheri Martin Memorial Youth Showmanship Classes – Monday

Following the National Youth Show, youth exhibitors can participate in the Youth Showmanship classes.  There are three sections:

  • Senior Section – aged 18 to 20 years on day of show
  • Intermediate  Section – aged 14 to 17 years on day of show
  • Junior Section – aged 8 to 13 years on day of show

No entry fee or form is required, you just need to put your name forward to the Show Stewards.

The Holstein Youth Dairy Youth Challenge – Monday at 3.30 pm

Event guidelines:

• Teams to come from dairy youth groups, sub branch areas, interstate teams or minor breed teams (Guernsey, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss and Illawarra) may enter a national team

• All participants to be under 22 years of age on competition day

• The Dairy Youth Challenge is for all breeds of dairy cattle.  The participation of the youth involved in all breeds should be actively encouraged and promoted

• Teams are to consist of 10 working members, plus a team coordinator. Coordinators are not necessarily part of the working team and can be outside the competitive age limit

• Each team must include at least 3 junior members (under 15 years). If insufficient juniors, the team will lose 5 points for each junior not participating

• Each team is restricted to 3 working members over the age of 18 and under 22 on the day of the show. Each member over the limit of 3 will be penalised by a loss of 5 points to the teams overall score

• No person to compete in more than 1 event

• Teams must provide a list of names and ages of competitors and sections they are competing in before the start • Cattle for the clipping and judging will be provided by the organizers

• Cattle for clipping will be randomly allocated on the Sunday evening prior to the competition.

• Once allocated, it is each teams responsibility to feed/water/clean their animal leading up to the event.  Points will be deducted from any team deemed to have not adequately cared for their animal

• Uniforms to consist of team coloured shirts, jeans, leather boots and caps (optional).  Shirts may have teams name on the back.  Sponsors logos may be used on the front of the shirt – no larger than 15cm (pocket size), or on caps.

• A compulsory meeting for all team coordinators will be held on Sunday at 5pm sharp at the Holstein Australia exhibit.  Teams not represented at this meeting may be disqualified

Teams will be judged on the following:

CLIPPING – points awarded out of 100 • 4 members to take part • Duration 30 minutes • To be judged on teamwork, attitude, equipment use and it’s safety as well as the quality of the completed job, including topline • At the end, animals must be led using a leather halter for final inspection

JUDGING – points awarded out of 100 • 3 members to take part • Duration 20 minutes • Cows will be paraded, with each team member to judge the class independently, recording their places and reasons on the sheet provided, and hands them to the officials (25 points for each person’s placings) • One team member is then nominated to present their independent places over the microphone (25 points)

PARADING – points awarded out of 100 • 3 members to take part • Duration 20 minutes • 3 animals to be paraded as a group, side by side and head to tail under the direction of the ring steward/judges • Animals for the parading are to be provided by the competitors

Entries and inquiries to Holstein Youth representatives: Vaughn Johnston 0408 304526; Ben Taylor 0439 836 503 or Tom Pearce 0409 045 548.

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